For over 10 years we have enjoyed running this race.  We have ages 9 + up who participate.  We have all kids of levels, beginners, intermediate, and elite swimmers.  Every year it is a great time. 

Race Director: Tricia Langeleh


if you wish to have a paper registration form

Claire Cloutier created this race and has been at the helm until this year.  She has been diagnosed with a Brain Tumor and needed to step down but it has not touched the integrity of the race.  I will uphold to her standards every year.  She is still involved in the process as I need all the wisdom from her that I can get. 

I have been in the background since Claire started the race.  I have been doing registration for all of Claire's Races.   I have been a race director in the past and look forward to running this race every year from now on. 

Thank you for your support ` Tricia

Please contact me anytime with questions, comments, or thoughts.  Thanks!





September 2, 2018

​Please see the below website for more information  

Mighty Merrimack Swim

1 & 2 Mile

In Memory of Claire Cloutier

Our History



Our race is the best in the Merrimack Valley

1 & 2 MILE Merrimack River Swim

** New 2017 Splash & Dash

1 mile Swim & 2 Mile Run **

​1 Mile Race up the river against the current and ease of swim on the way back with the current. 

2 mile Race up the river towards the bridge against the current and ease of swim on the way back with current.

Splash & Dash is a 1 mile Swim same route as the 1 Mile Swim Race.  Then a flat 2 mile run from the beach to the Rourke Bridge and back.  We will be using the walking path for the route. 


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